The range of product size or category does not matter. With Droshi, you choose which products to promote and sell. We have everything, from small manufacturers and importers to companies with thousands of products. All manufacturers, importers and wholesalers who want to sell their products online are welcome in our portal. However, we quality check all vendors!

  • Increase your sales! We are actively looking for new retailers for you

  • Wide exposure and marketing of your products

  • Free stock management system

  • Build long-term relationships with retailers

  • Get complete control over your retailers

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    100% control

    With Droshi you have complete control over your products. Lock all or part of the product range.

    Increase growth & sales

    Increase your sales with our drop shipping service. No more trade fairs to market your products. Manage everything digitally. Now, as a supplier, you can reach out to our retailers. List your products for all retailers or just selected ones, you decide. You get lots of exposition with Droshi and multiple of online stores that can sell your products.

    How does Droshi works?

    Receive an order from our affiliated online stores through the system that is linked to you. You pack and ship the product from your inventory and send it to the customer. That’s it! You’ll always be paid by Droshi. We work only b2b but you send b2c. Any returns will be taken care of the online store. Pack, send, and make money.

    Bulk Orders

    Droshi also accepts large quantity/bulk orders! These order options will be available to our customers separately in a catalog. If we receive an order for a container from a customer, we handle this for those who wish to stock the products themselves or do not want to use drop shipping. We then act as a virtual wholesaler for you; we market and sell your products. We have a unique process; globally, we are the only company with our unique system for bulk orders! Everything is handled automatically through Droshi.

    Example: ” If a customer orders 50 products from 50 different suppliers our system will compile all of the quotes from all providers and send will send them to the customer on one invoice and quote, regardless of how many items there are. The customer sees a summary of each supplier, price in one single order.” The customer chooses only the number of products from your minimum requirement that they want and then send a request directly to you as a supplier from our system. As a supplier you processes the interrogate and send it to your account in Droshi.


    Will my goods be dispatched from Droshi’s warehouse?

    Droshi does not keep any stock. Goods are always sent directly from each supplier’s own warehouse. Orders including products from different suppliers will be delivered in different parcels and at different times.

    How many delivery days does a Droshi order have?

    Within 3-5 working days of receipt of the order confirmation, the products will be delivered to your customer unless otherwise stated.

    Can any online store use Droshi?

    Yes, as long as you have a registered company and approve our agreements, you can go on an subscribe to one our subscriptions. However, we reserve the right to deny a fraudulent customer. As with our suppliers, we prefer quality than quantity when it comes to retailers.

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    Do you assist with building websites and webshops?

    We are a product provider platform. If you need any help with building your online store, have a look at our partners.

    What does it cost to connect as a supplier?

    It is free for you as a supplier, however, we assure quality of all our suppliers.


    The supplier is responsible for any manufacturing faults and rejections. Contact Droshi and we will handle the case.

    Does Droshi ship outside Sweden?

    Yes, but most of our suppliers are still Swedish as this is our home market who only ship domestically. But we have already started bringing in suppliers from abroad who ships all over the EU.