Sell thousands of products without making a single purchase and earn money without risk! Warehouse costs a lot of money. With drop shipping, your supplier stands for the warehouse and sends the goods directly to the customer. Delivery time is generally 3-5 business days unless otherwise stated.

  • Free stock management system

  • Use Droshi as a complement to your existing business

  • Less administration. One account for all your retailers

  • Discover new retailers that can sell your products


We only have verified and quality assured European suppliers in our premium segment who review our requirement list. We also eliminate the problem of customs and other charges within EU.

Delivery time is generally 3-5 business days for premium products unless otherwise stated. We continuously quality assure all our suppliers and we always choose quality before quantity. We do not accept any supplier!


Most successful and big online stores use dropshipping, such as Cdon, Galaxus, not to mention Amazon and Ebay! It is an already proven concept from the consumer perspective that works.

You only need a computer to start selling! You can be at the Bahamas sipping on a pina colada and still do business.


Will my goods be dispatched from Droshi’s warehouse?

Droshi does not keep any stock. Goods are always sent directly from each supplier’s own warehouse. Orders including products from different suppliers will be delivered in different parcels and at different times.

How many delivery days does a Droshi order have?

Within 3-5 working days of receipt of the order confirmation, the products will be delivered to your customer unless otherwise stated.

Can any online store use Droshi?

Yes, as long as you have a registered company and approve our agreements, you can go on an subscribe to one our subscriptions. However, we reserve the right to deny a fraudulent customer. As with our suppliers, we prefer quality than quantity when it comes to retailers.

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Do you assist with building websites and webshops?

We are a product provider platform. If you need any help with building your online store, have a look at our partners.

What does it cost to connect as a supplier?

It is free for you as a supplier, however, we assure quality of all our suppliers.


The supplier is responsible for any manufacturing faults and rejections. Contact Droshi and we will handle the case.

Does Droshi ship outside Sweden?

Yes, but most of our suppliers are still Swedish as this is our home market who only ship domestically. But we have already started bringing in suppliers from abroad who ships all over the EU.