How do my orders go from Shopify to Droshi?
Can I bring my own drop shipping suppliers?
Export products functionality?
What happens if a product is damaged during shipment?
What does Droshi do with returned goods?
Why is it the retailer’s responsibility to handle returns?
How many returns should I expect?
What’s the difference between a return and a rejection?
What happens if my customer receives a defect product?
What applies in terms of warranties?
What is VAT?
Some products have higher profit margins than others. Why?
What products do you sell?
What is a bulk order, as shown in the price list?
Where is the warehouse?
Does the customer have to pick up parcels one-by-one as they arrive?
Does drop shipping even work?
Can any online store use Droshi drop shipping?
What happens if many webshops sell the same product?
Does a supplier have the right to reject a retailer?
Is it possible to buy products for the retailer’s own use?
Why do we have to pay before receiving the products?
What is the Free account?
How big is the e-commerce business?
Can you change company information?
Who are your suppliers?
How do you rate your suppliers?
Why has the product not been delivered?
How can we be sure the “in-stock” balance is accurate?
Are the suppliers reliable?
Can I remove and change products at check-out?
Is it possible to choose the mode of delivery?
Who is responsible for undelivered or missing items?
What happens when deliveries are not received?
What happens if a delivery is delayed?
Can you make a delivery reservation for larger packages?
How many delivery days does a Droshi order have?
How it works:
It’s perfect for beginners.
You can get started immediately
No stock
No logistics to worry about
Choose from thousands of products
Sell first, then buy
No minimum order requirements
We quality control suppliers
It’s like only having to deal with one supplier
Droshi customer service
The secret has been revealed
We work, you make money
E-commerce is experiencing steady growth
For startups, how does it work?
Does Droshi follow GDPR?
Does Droshi assist with marketing?
Do you assist with building websites and webshops?
How does the ordering process work?
Can I add to or change my order?
Can I place orders via e-mail or phone?
Are Droshi’s prices including or excl VAT?
Do you charge freight costs?
Is it safe to trade with Droshi?
What payment options do you accept?
When do you make charges to my credit/debit card?
Will my goods be dispatched from Droshi’s warehouse?
What does the notice of delivery look like?
Why was Droshi established?