Why was Droshi established?

Droshi began in 2015, when our founder got the idea from an American friend in Spain, where he lived in 2013. After having lost money on an online store, simply because his purchased inventory did not sell, he founded Scandinavian Dropshipping AB. When his American friend heard about his lost sales, his reaction was to laugh since, in the United States, more than 90% of all online stores use this particular concept. The Americans found an effective solution and see the traditional model as being inadequate. When our founder returned to Sweden in 2014, he started a new business. He imported breathalysers, vending machines, and more from a Spanish supplier. The idea for Droshi was to find a drop shipping portal in Scandinavia through which the supplier’s products could be channelled. Surprisingly, there were no drop shipping solutions available in northern Europe; people were not familiar with the concept. In fact, 9 out of 10 suppliers contacted by our CEO had not heard about drop shipping and certainly did not have a system for it. That’s when our CEO decided to set up Droshi. So you don´t have to make the same mistakes he did.

The mission is to make it easier for suppliers and retailers to find each other and sell more, and build the best system in the world to do this!

What does the notice of delivery look like?

Some letters and parcels cannot be delivered directly to the customer’s address and must be collected at a service point. In such cases, customer’s will receive a notification from the delivery company advising them where to collect the product(s). Please note that the sender on the notification is not Droshi. Instead, your shop appears as the sender. The notification may be sent as e-mail, sms, or postal mail. Make sure to provide a telephone number to your customer.

Will my goods be dispatched from Droshi’s warehouse?

Droshi does not keep any stock. Goods are always sent directly from each supplier’s own warehouse. Orders including products from different suppliers will be delivered in different parcels and at different times. For goods classified as heavy and/or bulky, you will be contacted within 5 business days of order confirmation to agree on a day for delivery, which will take place no later than 5 days thereafter. Products may be out-of-stock, in which case you will be notified within 24 hours.

When do you make charges to my credit/debit card?

Charges are made to your card immediately after you complete the purchase.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept credit card payments using VISA, MasterCard or American Express through Dibs and Paypal.

Is it safe to trade with Droshi?

Yes! All payment methods and privacy details are encrypted and managed under the highest security and safety standards. When placing an order with us, you will provide personal information including your name, address, contact details, national identification number (if applicable) or company registration number. In doing so, you accept that we save and use the information in fulfilling our obligations to you. We also record certain communications with you to provide the best service possible when handling and following up on orders.

Do you charge freight costs?

Freight costs will always be included in the suppliers’ prices unless otherwise stated. We only offer one price. You decide if you will charge freight to your customer or not. To improve your profit margins, we recommend you charge a freight cost of 5 Euro for orders between 50-100 Euro.

Are Droshi’s prices including or excl VAT?

Droshi only operates under a business-to-business (b2b) model; thus, all prices exclude VAT.

Can I place orders via e-mail or phone?

No. Products are only sold through the droshi.com portal. All orders are only handled through our automated system.

Can I add to or change my order?

Once you complete a purchase, it is no longer possible to make changes or additions. Instead, the order must be withdrawn as soon as possible. If the withdrawal is made after the supplier shipped the product(s), then the retailer will need to cover freight costs, including the costs to return the product(s) to the supplier.

How does the ordering process work?

If you have Shopify or Woocommerce it is automatic. You just need to make the payment of the order. If you have another e-commerce platform you log in to your admin account and place orders for the products you have sold manually and place the payment. This information will then be transmitted to the relevant supplier(s) via our system.

Do you assist with building websites and webshops?

No, but we are connected to Shopify where you can easily set up a store yourself. If you would need help with building your store, please reach out to our partners.

Does Droshi assist with marketing?

We plan to add marketing services to our offerings in the near future, which may include Google ad-words and other marketing activities to generate more traffic to your webpage. Keep an eye out for news and new packages or our partners who can help you.

Does Droshi follow GDPR?

Yes, we follow the European Union’s directive regarding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). You can read more about this in our data protection policy.

The benefits of Droshi

For startups, how does it work?

Before you start a webshop or order something for your physical store, you need products. That is where Droshi comes in!

You will need: 
– Company and VAT number
– A domain or a physical store (if you are making bulk orders)
– A platform and a web hotel
– Payment Solutions

We only sell to companies B2B. If you do not have a company with a VAT number, you’ll need to acquire one first. Then, you can order products from us!

E-commerce is experiencing steady growth

E-commerce, since it took off some 15 years ago, has shown continuous growth and that’s only the beginning. Why not get in on the action?

We work, you make money

We have paved the way for you to easily make a profit. Everything is already done for you when you purchase one of our packages. Focus your efforts on attracting traffic to your website and on providing great customer service.

The secret has been revealed

The largest and most successful e-commerce companies use drop shipping. It is a well-tested and winning concept.

Droshi customer service

You can reach customer services via e-mail at info@droshi.com.

It’s like only having to deal with one supplier

With Droshi, everything is available in one place. You won’t waste any time by having to call countless suppliers to negotiate with them one-by-one. Droshi has already taken care of the work for you and everything is ready for you to start selling!

We quality control suppliers

We have high expectations for our suppliers. Each supplier in the premium category has been thoroughly reviewed and tested against our standards before being accepted. Delivery time is shown for each individual product and is normally 3-5 days for the EU suppliers unless stated otherwise. Review of suppliers is a continuous process and we always put more emphasis on quality than quantity. It is critical to us that our retailers are comfortable with their suppliers. We do not accept just anyone!

No minimum order requirements

In traditional retail business, you need to buy in bulk. However, bulk purchasing becomes annoyingly expensive, especially if the goods can’t be moved quickly enough or, even worse, they don’t sell. With drop shipping, you can buy as little as one product unit at a time.

Sell first, then buy

You only buy the goods after you have sold them. Your money won’t be tied up in inventory, so you can essentially ”stock” an endless number of products in your shop.

Choose from thousands of products

We already have thousands of products on our portal. Products are neatly organized under different categories, so just scroll through and make your selections. Terms and conditions have already been negotiated with the suppliers, including prices and logistics. You will find all of your suppliers in on place. It’s that easy.

No logistics to worry about

You do not need to pack and ship the products yourself. You won”t have any employee costs either.

No stock

Keeping products in stock is expensive. With drop shipping, your suppliers keep the stock and ship the goods straight to your customers. This approach frees up time for you to focus on marketing and development. You can even process your orders while you’re on vaction. Really, it’s that easy. Just sit back, relax, and let someone else take care of the hassle of packing and shipping.

You can get started immediately

Drop shipping makes it incredibly easy and fast to start a retailer business.

It’s perfect for beginners.

Do you lack sufficient funds to market your product? Are you concerned with how well your online store will be received? Drop shipping involves little to no risk. In the event your webshop does not perform as expected, you will not be left with unsold goods and products. Invest in marketing activities instead of inventory.

How does Droshi works?

How it works:

1. You have a webshop where you put up the supplier’s products

2. You earn the difference between wholesale price and selling price.

3. Promote your online store.

4. Customers buy products from your website and you send an order to us at Droshi, which is linked directly to the supplier.

5. The supplier sends the product to your customers.

6. You pay us when you do your purchase in our portal.


How many delivery days does a Droshi order have?

The delivery times varies depending on the supplier and their location. It is always stated per product from where and to where they ship the products and the delivery time for this. Our premium products within EU usually ships within 3-5 days within the EU. In cases of “heavy and/or bulky” goods, the retailer will be contacted within 5 working days after order confirmation, to agree on the delivery date which will occur no later than five days thereafter. There are no deliveries on weekends and public holidays.

Can you make a delivery reservation for larger packages?

No. The shipping company will issue the products to you 8-17. If you are not at home to receive the package, they will be delivered to the nearest delivery point or sent back to the warehouse. Then, you may place an order for a new delivery.

What happens if a delivery is delayed?

Although we always aim at timely deliveries, delays may occur. If this happens, Droshi and its affiliates will do their outmost to resolve the issue as quickly and smoothly as possible. Should goods not be received within promised time, your customer has the right to invalidate the purchase order according to applicable consumer right laws. In these cases, the retailer also has the right to invalidate the order. Droshi will handle the invalidations within reasonable time.

What happens when deliveries are not received?

In cases of discontinued products, a return must be processed. We will credit your account within 10 working days. Should the product be temporarily out of stock, we recommend you ask your customer to wait until the product is back in stock. If this request is rejected, we will process a return immediately upon request.

Who is responsible for undelivered or missing items?

You and the supplier will be responsible if goods are not delivered to the customer. It is your risk and responsibility to choose suppliers based on their ratings. Should you require 100% delivery surety, it may be best to place bulk orders with us and to keep your own inventory.

Is it possible to choose the mode of delivery?

The mode of delivery is at the supplier’s discretion. However, they typically choose the most cost-effective way to ensure the best possible profit margins for the retailers. Typically, goods will be delivered by parcel post or registered mail. There may be situations in which the customer can choose mode of delivery. In such cases, it will be clearly stated by the supplier. The customer will always receive a notice of delivery via e-mail, sms, or letter, in which the webshop is referred to as the sender. The supplier is responsible for the goods until the customer receives them.


Can I remove and change products at check-out?

Yes, you can always make changes in your shopping cart prior to completing your purchase.

Are the suppliers reliable?

All suppliers go through a test-phase and a review. If there are any problems (timing, packaging, etc.) in their delivery services, you will be able to see this in their rating. We keep suppliers as long as their rating stays over 20% (1 star). However suppliers with low ratings are unlikely to sell much and are likely to opt out and leave. Suppliers’ whose rating drops below 20% will be automatically deleted. We are strongly committed to only working with credible businesses. We value quality above quantity.

How can we be sure the “in-stock” balance is accurate?

Suppliers assign certain stock volumes to us or, alternatively, connect their stock records to our systems through an api. However this is drop shipping and products can get sold out, and systems fail. In the event, the stock has run out or if the supplier does not keep stock levels up-to-date in our system via api, this will impact their rating. In the unlikely event of a temporary system crash, we will take the system out of service and it will not be possible to order products from this particular supplier. All products will show “out-of-stock” until we solve the issue with the supplier.

Why has the product not been delivered?

There can be a range of reasons that a supplier does not perform as expected. However, this is a critical issue that will impact their rating. Logistic companies can also be delayed at times.

How do you rate your suppliers?

We rate the quality of all our suppliers and track their performance from delivery time, stock update, customer handling, claims etc. Our aim is to provide you with comfort and peace of mind and we want to ensure that you are satisfied with what we offer. We have a 1-5 star rating of our suppliers and a percentage rating that corresponds to the supplier’s delivery precision. The most important quality is its delivery success rate.

Who are your suppliers?

Our premium suppliers come from European drop shipping suppliers within the EU. We can proudly say we have the biggest assortment in the world of European drop shipping suppliers. In the Free package, you will find suppliers mostly from Asia selling worldwide. We will very shortly also have an Aliexpress integration where you can source your products from.

Can I bring my own drop shipping suppliers?

Yes, you can! If you do not find what you are looking for with us but want to use our system to automate your drop shipping process you can bring your own suppliers to us. We will make sure their products get up in our system and also do the integration to them for stock levels.


Can you change company information?

No, you cannot. When you buy a subscription, it is unique to your company and organization number, which ensures that you do not sell our subscription to other companies.

How big is the e-commerce business?

HUGE! It is one of the biggest and fastest growing markets out there. Two of the worlds biggest and most valuable companies in the world are in e-commerce, Alibaba group and Amazon.

What is the Free account?

The Free account is open to everyone who wants to view our catalogue and system. You will need a valid VAT number to place orders as we only sell B2B. All products from which is available in the Free package is without a subscription cost and mostly comes from Asia.

Why do we have to pay before receiving the products?

Our suppliers demand guaranteed payments. The way to do that is for the retailers to pay with card or PayPal first. You are free to set your own payment policies to your customers.

Is it possible to buy products for the retailer’s own use?

Absolutely. You may want to have more knowledge about the products before you start selling them to your own customers, so you may purchase products for your own use or for display purposes.

Does a supplier have the right to reject a retailer?

Yes. A supplier always has the right to decide whom to sell to and can prevent some suppliers from selling certain products. Consider the example of a supplier of high-end hair products. Suppliers often decide to sell to accredited hairdressers only and not to supermarkets. The same selectivity applies in the webshop industry, as some suppliers may not want their products to be sold in a webshop selling “adult-products” or in a “2$-shop.” When a retailer is interested in selling these locked products, we will contact the supplier and let them review the retailer’s webpage. Based on their specific requirements, they may then grant you approval to sell their products. Should you not yet have a webpage, a written presentation of your webshop may serve as a basis for the supplier’s review.

What happens if many webshops sell the same product?

It is an open market. All retailers can buy any product from any supplier. Your success really depends on your ability to market your business well and to have the best possible business model. We provide the tools and you decide how to build your business.

Can any online store use Droshi drop shipping?

Yes, as long as agreements are followed and you have a valid VAT number.  However, we reserve the right to reject unsuitable customers. We value quality above quantity.

Export products functionality?

We have two types of export. Product export and stock export. Our export function of products is adjusted to suit Shopify and Woocommerce who we are integrated to. This comes out in CSV. You can use this to import to other e-commerce platforms but some adjustments might be needed. The stock export is only for the platforms which we are not integrated to. With Shopify & Woocommerce you have an automatic stock update.

How do my orders go from Shopify to Droshi?

Depends on your settings with Shopify. You can either set it automatically or do it manually per order.


Does drop shipping even work?

Yes. Fortunately, others have paved the way and tested this concept from the customer’s point-of-view. For example, Cdon, the biggest e-commerce market place in Scandinavia, uses drop shipping, as do Amazon, Aliexpress and Ebay – the worlds largest e-commerce companies. They all perform very well and drop shipping is a proven concept with successful results all over the world.

Does the customer have to pick up parcels one-by-one as they arrive?

No. The customer can wait until all parcels have arrived at the service point.

Where is the warehouse?

All products will be shipped from each individual supplier’s warehouse. An order containing different products will originate from different warehouses using different delivery notices.

What is a bulk order, as shown in the price list?

A bulk order is for a large quantity of a product. Typically, you will place a bulk order if you prefer to stock the product yourself. We have negotiated very attractive agreements with our suppliers, ensuring you receive the best prices. Trading with us means offers the benefit of having all of your suppliers in one spot. Simply choose the products you want to order in bulk and let us know the quantities need; then, we give you a quote. You will receive one invoice covering all your purchases, regardless of whether the products come from one or several suppliers.

What products do you sell?

You will find our product catalogue if you sign up for a free account. We add thousands of products each month.

Some products have higher profit margins than others. Why?

It depends on the supplier’s manufacturing costs, the importer, the agent etc. Clothes generally have very high margins, but are also likely to have a high rate of returns.

What is VAT?

We only work b2b so all prices exclude VAT which is a tax registration number for companies.

Rejections och returns

What applies in terms of warranties?

Products sold at Droshi all come with a warranty as well as rejection rights according the Consumer Sales Act. Any exemptions from normal rejection rights are stated in the product information, (e.g., products sold on an “as-seen” basis).

What happens if my customer receives a defect product?

If your customer receives a product that differs from its product specifications, if the product is defect in any way, is not in proper working condition, you have the right to reject and return the product to Droshi, free of charge. Always contact Droshi prior to returning a product and always send returns via registered mail to avoid losing track of the product.

What’s the difference between a return and a rejection?

According to the Distance and Doorstep Sales Act, a consumer always has 14 days to cancel a transaction. Should a customer regret a purchase, he or she has the right to return the goods to you within 14 days and get their money back. They don’t need to give any reason as to why they are returning the goods. Rejection is when a customer has received a product that differs from its product specification, the product is defect in some way, or is not in proper working condition. You have the right to reject and return products to Droshi, free of charge.


The supplier is responsible for any manufacturing faults and rejections. Contact Droshi and we will handle the case.

How many returns should I expect?

Returns really depend on the product and the category. For example, clothes and shoes have higher return rates (as much as 20-30%), while nutrition supplements and electronic products are lower (2-3%). The return rate also depends on your own return policies.

Why is it the retailer’s responsibility to handle returns?

Suppliers can have thousands of retailers connected to them. For example, if 1,000 retailers had one return each, then this would add up 1,000 returns for a supplier to manage. We think this is unreasonable as opposed to each retailer managing the one return.

What does Droshi do with returned goods?

You will need to treat returned products as your own stock, so it’s up to you how you handle returned goods. You can restock them and deliver them to the next customer who orders that product; you may also consider putting them on sale and clear them as soon as possible.


The webshops are always responsible for returns from the end-user unless the supplier states otherwise. Very few suppliers handles returns. Goods will be returned to you based on your return policy.

What happens if a product is damaged during shipment?

You need to report transport-damaged goods to Droshi and the delivery company as soon as you receive the item(s). It is important to immediately unpack and inspect the goods carefully, as some transport damage may not be obvious otherwise. Please note that you may not use the damaged product and you must keep the packing material for inspection purposes when reporting the damage. Depending on the severity of the damage, the product may be replaced or you may be reimbursed for the money paid.

Reasons to choose Droshi

  • 1) You save both time and money when using Droshi. There is no inventory, no purchasing, and no costs related to warehouse, packaging, logistics, staff expenses, or admin. You will increase your sales because, the more products you have to offer, the more sales opportunities you will find. With a bigger product range, you will also generate more hits on Google and other search engines.
  • 2) Put your cash into marketing instead of inventory and related costs. The most important success factor for a webshop is to generate Internet traffic to the web page.
  • 3) If a product doesn’t sell as expected, then simply change to other products. You don’t have to reduce, sell off, or keep shelf warmers. Droshi is very low risk!
  • 4) Our system is very user friendly. You can start doing business on day one!
  • 5) Drop shipping is a well-tested concept at larger companies, and now Droshi offers a system and supplier agreements available to “smaller” webshops as well.
  • 6) The world is your office. A laptop/computer is all you need to run your business. You can even work from the beach, while someone else does the hard work of packing and shipping, for you.

To consider when drop shipping

There is always a risk in every business, that why we want to ensure you have all of the information you need to make the right decision. Therefore, please be advised that:

  • You can’t control stock. Product supplies may end unexpectedly. However, you can make bulk orders from us if you prefer.
  • You will not be able to choose the delivery method or track packages, although some suppliers show tracking numbers.
  • You will not be able guarantee delivery times to your customers. If the supplier lags on shipping, delivery times may be affected. However, such instances will be indicated in the seller’s rating.
  • Suppliers can and do go bankrupt from time-to-time or may discontinue or unsubscribe from us. In these instances, you will no longer be able to sell their products and will have to remove them from your store. Basing your entire business on only one vendor with drop shipping can be risky.
  • Your margins may be lower than if you buy bulk. However, the profits from drop shipping will usually be higher in the end after all expenses. Keep in mind that stock/rent, logistics, packaging, personnel, administration, and other costs must be handled and paid for with your own stock. With us, you will have access to everything with ds for less than 49,900 KR.
  • Supplier prices may change. Therefore, your margins may also change, or you may need to adjust your own prices accordingly. If you want to be 100% sure of your margins, it’s best to place a bulk order. We also have the world’s best system for doing so! We recommend that you “reserve your order” or tell the customers on your website that your products may be shipped from different stocks and suppliers.
  • Your customers will come to you if something goes wrong. Theree recommend that you “reserve your order” or tell the customers on your website that your products may be shipped from different stocks and suppliers. We recommend you always work with only the highest-rated suppliers (gold- and diamond- rated).
  • If you want to be in control of your inventory, go the traditional route and place a bulk order, which we also offer with our unique service. With Droshi, you have all the suppliers in one place with pre-negotiated prices; you receive everything on a quote and an invoice, no matter how many suppliers you work with. But, be aware of the disadvantages of dropshipping vs buying in bulk. We want to be the best and we will always work hard to provide you with the best service possible. Droshi does not take responsibility for how the respective supplier manages their business, but we ensure that you will see this on their rating and we will always strive to have the best dropshipping service on the market.

This is what ONE of our supplier’s warehouse looks likes like: They have 11,000 unique items in stock, 12,000 sq.m. of warehouse area, an infrastructure that costs hundreds of millions of SEK in investment, and about 30 employees in their warehouse. We have approximately 100 suppliers that do this this for you!

This is how it works…