Droshi was founded in 2015 by Jonas Salminen who got the idea from an American friend in Spain

“We make it easier for suppliers and retailers to find each other and sell more. Droshi is a b2b marketplace that gathers all suppliers who want to sell with drop shipping in one place” – Jonas Salminen

After having lost money on an online store, simply because his purchased inventory did not sell, he founded Droshi AB. When the American friend heard about his lost sales, he laughed since in America, more than 90% of online stores drop ship.

The Americans found an effective solution and see the traditional model as being inadequate. When Jonas returned to Sweden in 2014, he started a new business.

The idea for Droshi was to find a drop shipping portal in Scandinavia through which the supplier’s products could be channeled. Surprisingly, there were no drop shipping solutions available in northern Europe; people were not familiar with the concept. In fact, 9 out of 10 suppliers contacted by Jonas had not heard about drop shipping and certainly did not have a system for it. That’s when he decided to set up Droshi.

Sell thousands of products before purchase and make money with very low risk.



Jonas Salminen

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Marco Real

Advisor & investor

Martin Sigel

Board Member

Nicklas Ohlsén

Board Member