Sell without inventory and risk with Drop shipping

To drive e-commerce is a challenge. It requires substantial investment in both time and money in order to achieve a positive cash flow. Therefore we thought we will help all e-retailers and give a helping hand. Introducing Droshi – the largest drop shipping service for e-retailers and vendors.

Drop shipping

is a well-known phenomenon in the United States and the rest of Europe but has been pretty anonymous in Scandinavia. With drop shipping, you avoid any handling of inventory and supplies. The customer places an order in your webshop and pays you as usual. Then you send the information further to the vendor who pack and send the product directly to the customer. The package has a confirmation order with your logo and for the customer, it looks like you have sent the product.


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This is how it works...
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Choose from thousands of products to expose on your webshop, without the need to have any stock.

1. Customer orders

The customer purchases as usual products in your webshop. Pay your price + shipping

4. the supplier sends

The supplier will send the product to the customer with the webshop as the sender


2. Web Shop orders

The webshop will forward the customer's order on for the products that the customer purchased. Webshop pay wholesale price + shipping

3. Droshi handles

Droshi sends the web shops orders on to the right supplier.

It's that simple to start using our service

Register an account and select products

You start by registering an account where you fill in your details about your company and online shop. After signing up you will get access to your admin account where you can choose from 1000 's of products from selected and controlled European suppliers.

Add products to your online shop

Select which products you want to sell and add them in your online shop. We've made it easy to import products from your admin account. You can customize the images so that they fit into your shop.

You sell – suppliers delivers

You sell the products in your shop as usual and receive payment. The product is sent from the vendor directly to your customer. You avoid all inventory management, packaging and shipping.

With drop shipping, you can sell products without having an inventory.


• Build up your business with Droshi and drop shipping. Choose from thousands of different products in all price segments.
• Use our service as a complement to your existing e-commerce.
• Add products to your existing product range to increase your sales.
• A good way to keep an eye out for new products.
• We have no minimum order. Sell 1 or 1000 different products.
• Get rid of all the problems and costs associated with logistics, inventory and shipping.
• Spend more money on advertising and marketing instead of locking them in inventory costs.
• No stock you have to sell cheap if you haven't sold the products.

Product catalog

We always strive to get more products to our portal. Are you a supplier and would like to post your products for sale with us click here. If you are a online store and can not find what you are looking we will help you to find a supplier and products to suit you and your online store and demands. We do our best for you to be happy and for you to be able to sell the desired products with drop shipping, click here to choose from our existing categories or make suggestions/requests on a new.

Products for dropshipping: 78655

Electronics and accessories (4948)

Watches and accessoaries (5534)

Clothes (2412)

Adult toys (6320)

Children toys (742)

Beauty (20629) + (54)

Pet articles (264)

Home and decorations (22016)

House and garden (406)

Tobacco and accessoaries (1972)

Health (2066)

Hobby (908)

Sport (662)

null (7222)

null (1811)

null (10)

null (249)

Products for bulk: 112676

Electronics and accessories (7594)

Watches and accessoaries (6996)

Clothes (2576)

Adult toys (7755)

Children toys (1381)

Beauty (30162) + (54)

Pet articles (392)

Home and decorations (27123)

House and garden (481)

Tobacco and accessoaries (2034)

Health (8340)

Hobby (6044)

Sport (870)

null (7611)

null (2137)

null (13)

null (249)

Price models

Get started today!

  • Professional
  • For those of you who want´s to go for it! You are a stable player in e-commerce that do not have a problem with an investment. Or a brand new trader who is well versed in drop shipping and want to have a big "inventory" with no risk. A bit of everything for sale with many different categories.
  • 1 999 SEK per Month*
  • Verified & quality assured suppliers
  • Number of Products: 5000
  • Number of categories: 8
  • Number of online stores 3
  • Change of product 5 SEK
  • API
  • Large quantities
    Export opportunity
    Priority on new products
  • Start fee: 0 SEK
  • Submit interest
  • Enterprise
  • You've decided, here we go! Extra everything. You have a great gadget shop and access to EVERYTHING. Or you are experts in what you do and want to have the maximum amount of products. The world's biggest and cheapest "stock" without risk. You know what you want. Increase your conversion and sales.
  • 2 899 SEK per Month*
  • Verified & quality assured suppliers
  • Number Of Products: Unlimited
  • Number of categories: Unlimited
  • Number of online stores Unlimited
  • Change of product 0 SEK
  • API
  • Large quantities
    Export opportunity
    Priority on new products
  • Start fee: 0 SEK
  • Submit interest

  • Starter
  • A sample package for you that is a niche or new to online sales. Perfect for those who want to test the drop shipping at low cost, or only access our large quantities.
  • 399 SEK per Month*
  • Verified & quality assured suppliers
  • Number of Products: 50
  • Number of categories: 1
  • Number of online stores 1
  • Change of product 20 SEK
  • API
  • Large quantities
  • Start fee: 2395 SEK
  • Submit interest
  • Standard
  • For the more established actors. You are a pretty niched e-commerce and don't need that large of a product range. You get twice as many products against starter and one more category to.
  • 799 SEK per Month*
  • Verified & quality assured suppliers
  • Number of Products: 100
  • Number of categories: 2
  • Number of online stores 1
  • Change of product 15 SEK
  • API
  • Large quantities
  • Start fee: 2395 SEK
  • Submit interest
  • Business
  • Those of you who are already run drop shipping or are well aware of what it is and you have a working online shop. Extend your range significantly and have access to multiple product categories.
  • 1 249 SEK per Month*
  • Verified & quality assured suppliers
  • Number of Products: 500
  • Number of categories: 5
  • Number of online stores 1
  • Byte av produkt 10 SEK
  • API
  • Large quantities
  • Start fee: 2395 SEK
  • Submit interest

* 12-month subscription to any subscription. All prices exclusive VAT.
Time limit of 14 days of switching products.

Droshi is the largest portal for drop shipping in Scandinavia

Our starting point has since the beginning been building a service that helps and increases growth for both vendors and e-commercers. With our platform you as a supplier will able to list your products for Scandinavia's many online stores, and in the future also in other European countries stores. With over 11000 online stores just in Sweden drop shipping will be an excellent way to increase your sales. We work actively with you and your products to bring you new customers! You get free marketing through us and reach out to thousands of online stores that will sell your products. We work as a seller for you without you paying us any salary. Our goal is to give you as much customers and sales as possible through the online shop.

Drop shipping is very big in the United States and in some parts of Europe but have been pretty anonymous in Scandinavia. Our goal is to change that. We are constantly working to develop our product to make it as efficient as possible for you and our online stores.

Increase your sales with our new service for drop shipping. No more trade fair stands for marketing your products. Handle everything digital.

Now you as a supplier can reach our connected online stores. List your products to all e-retailers are only selected ones, you decide. You have a huge spread with the help of Droshi, and thousands of online stores that can sell your products.

• It does not matter how large variety and range you have. You can choose which products you want to promote and sell. We have everything from listed companies, companies with thousands of products as well as smaller manufacturers and importers with few products. All manufacturers, importers and wholesalers who want to sell their products online are welcome in our portal. However, we quality check all vendors!

• Use our service as a complement to your existing business, increase your sales.
• Discover new online stores who can sell your products.
• Build long-term relationships with e-retailers.

Online shopping has a turnover of over 60 billion SEK/year only in Sweden, you want to sell your products online and at Droshi!

• Free promotion and distribution of your products.
• Reach out to thousands of dealers.
• Increase your sales! We work actively to sell for you without pay.
• The future of e-commerce, better to keep up with us.

Yes you need to make a mind change! To stock yourself as a online store is so 2009. The future of vendors and online stores know that all intermediaries are unnecessary. Therefore they use Droshi. No intermediares and unnecessary costs, directly from the supplier-customer. Everything is set through our system. Because everything else is stupid ...

You get an order from our affiliated online stores through our system that is linked to you. You pack and ship the product from your inventory and send it out to the end customer, that's it! You always get paid by us at Droshi. We work only b2b but you send b2c. Any returns will be taken care of the online store. Pack, send and make money.

Droshi also accept orders for larger quantities/bulk orders! These will be available separately in a catalog for bulk orders to our customers and is not available for drop shipping. If we get an order for a conteiner from a customer, we also handle this for those who want to stock the products themselves or for some reason do not want to use DS. We then act as a virtual wholesaler for you where we market and sell your products. We have a unique system and are the only ones with our system for bulk orders globally! Everything is handled automatically through Droshi.

Example: Our customer can through our system order a minimum order for example: 50 pcs products from 50 different suppliers but get everything at the same quote and same invoice. They choose only the number of products from your minimum limit that they want and then send a request directly to you as a supplier from our system. You as a supplier then processes this interrogate and send through your admin on Droshi a quote back. Droshi compiles all the quotes from all providers to the customer on the same invoice and quotation regardless of how many. They see a summary of each supplier, price, etc, but in the same order.

Our customers save a lot of time on this and do not have to call around and negotiate and take bids from 50 different suppliers. And you as the supplier obviously will sell more!

Time is money. Imagine the dream to have all suppliers gathered in one place, making it easy to order from them, while you know that you get the best prices. That is what Droshi does.

Whether you want to sell with dropshipping or the old traditional way, we are here to help you!

About us

We at Scandinavian Dropshipping AB strive to make the online shopping so cheap, risk free and easy as possible. Our developers are constantly working at improving our product for you. We started out in 2015, and our founder got the idea from an American friend in Spain where he lived in 2013. After having lost money on an online store just because of purchased inventory that was not sold and been laughed at by this American who did not understand how it was possible, he founded in January 2015 Scandinavian Dropshipping AB. The American laughed at him because in the United States approximately over 90% of all online stores uses this particular concept, everything else they see as stupid.

Therefore, we have built our service so that you, as the online traders no longer need to carry any risk with stock, no shelf warmers not getting sold, no logistics costs, staff costs, etc. You can focus and spend money on what is important for the online shop, that is marketing, development and strategy so you get traffic to your web site. Our concept is simple.

Sell how much products you want on your website without making a single purchase and make money without any risk!

Team Droshi

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